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this and that

We made the ugliest chocolate covered strawberries ever. The chocolate didn’t quite melt in the microwave like I thought and stiffened up. I had to spatula some onto each berry.

Dsc 0001222

The kids gobbled them all up in a about 5 minutes, so I guess they tasted fine.

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A little peak at the family room progress…

Dsc 0005Web-9

Somebody needs his own computer…

Simon had just about every program open, an email about to send and some things downloading on my computer.

Here he is working on Xander’s computer now.

I’m thinking it’s time to set up his own station in the new family room remodel.

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Tuck in time…

…is so sweet with two readers now.

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I need a dock for my iPod…

“I’ll be right back,” Jason says as he heads to the lego bin.

15 seconds later I have a new iPod dock…

I know! Classy, eh? I might have to check out the additional color choices.

Dsc 0003Ipodweb

Fun on a Friday

The Shut the Box game is keeping the boys busy. Math is fun!

Dsc 0009Web-8

and found this pic from the last time the kids came over. We are wild and crazy like that! 😀

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Family room remodel

We have neglected this downstairs family room for the entire four years we’ve lived here. Holes in the wall, concrete floor and dungeon lighting and color…ick!

The storage crap piled up and the room has been ignored until recently.

We finally decided the extra living space MUST be made usable. The room will be our new “computer room” and also a corner for TV/Netflix and video game consoles.

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and the beginnings of the after…

My friend Sheri inspired me with some design ideas (thank you!) and I have carpet coming on Monday. Jason is working hard repairing the walls, planning the network cable routing and bookshelf builds.

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c c c cold!!!!

I took the kids swimming tonight and then ice cream cones on the way home. They were so cold but are now tucked in on the giant couch watching Scooby-Doo.

It has been a long time since we’ve gone to the pool and Xander didn’t seem into it at all. Xander has always hated showers, getting his hair washed and now apparently the pool too. His spirit animal must be the cat. 😉

Dsc 0002Couchkidsweb

Geeks unite!

We had our first guild party in honor of one of our WoW guildie friends, Nate and his family, coming into town from Washington for the weekend, on his birthday no less.

Every one of the guildies was present and accounted for and let me tell you, we are just as much fun in real life as we are in virtual life. ha!

Dsc 0001Web-10

The founding four of the Switchblade Symphony guild…

Dsc 0057Web-2

and the fun spread to a few more members…

Dsc 0023Web-3

Party animals, eh?

Dsc 0009Web-7

My nephews and their friend who is our newest guild member…(I love the big boys in the front holding their Magic cards and the little guys in the back playing their DS game).

Dsc 0006Web-10

Kristin and Dan have given up the game but once a guildie, always a guildie.

Dsc 0048Web

We settled the wild kids in for a movie…

Dsc 0026Web-4

Little Simon took a cat nap on Andy…

Dsc 0045Web-1

And we ALL squeezed into the computer room for a guild-wide raid. We did a low level one we have never run before so we could see something new, have fun and not require too many skills from a healer who had a few mojitos (;).

I love little Isaac in there, my two nephews, my hubby…it’s a family affair and we have made some great friends.

Dsc 0049Web-3

The party was oh so fun! I hope it’s an annual occasion.

After breakfast

The kids dive into any activity that suits their fancy at that moment. I love listening to them negotiate activities together…

“Do you want to _____?”

“Okay! Let’s go!”

So painting it was this morning right after the breakfast was finished.

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Dsc 0001Web-9

Gorgeous day

and friends to share it with!

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