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What a boy

Gotta love that dirty face. My friend Lisa just sent me this pic. I love it! thank you!


Happy New Year!

The kids have been declining haircuts so this is the awesome shagginess we have now. It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out over the year:D

Dsc 0082Web

Dsc 0021Web-5

I love this action shot of Xander’s mane flying back.

Dsc 0068Web-1

It was recently discovered that Xander (turning six in three days) knows how to read! We have a computer for each of us in our family “computer room” and I could hear Xander reading aloud all of the instructions to create an account for a game.

I sent him a few instant messages to see if he could read it and he did! It just boggles my mind.

Maybe more so because I was just listening to a program on NPR about a school trying to work with their problem with illiteracy amongst the grade school kids. All I could find is this one but it also talks about the problem. It seems the biggest discussion is methodology for teaching.

Actually if I read into that article my kids are learning to read because Jason and I are educated and not poor…hmm.

All I know is we leave them alone to direct their own activities throughout the day, answer questions as they come up and voila(!) they learn to read and write with no teaching at all. No discussion on phonics vs. whole words, no money spent on curriculum and no homework.

The most important thing, I believe, is answering the questions. It sounds simple enough but kids ask a lot of questions.

They seem to know exactly what they need for their own learning. It’s amazing!