Experiments in food

In my 34 years I have never eaten liver. The idea intrigued me so what the heck, why not try it?

The package looks like it holds a giant blood clot. Interesting.

I pulled up a liver recipe with rave reviews and managed to turn this…

Dsc 0005Liverweb

…into this:

Doused in butter, bacon and sprinkled with lemon juice and zest.

Dsc 0008Liverweb

Plated with green beans.

We all ate it, dipped in BBQ sauce. If it was the liver or starve, I’d eat it and say it was damn delicious. But it’s not the liver or starve and it’s obvious the cover up ingredients were not enough.

We can all say we tried liver now and I think I may live out the rest of my life on that single taste.

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