Yep….more legos and actual people this time.

Friends Lisa and kids came over today. Yay! Check out Lisa’s awesome new braids. Very hip!

Dsc 00073Web

I love how our kids always bring company into our bed to flip through the Netflix watch now stuff. They look so cozy. hehe

Dsc 00093Web

…and yes, more Legos.

Dsc 00037Web

The roof is complete on the Lego house! Jason definitely has a brain wired for this stuff. The kids were asking me all day, while jason was working, if I could help them build a roof and I had no clue where to begin. The book I laid on top didn’t seem to satisfy them. 😉

Jason finished work and came up with this great roof design, complete with skylight.

Dsc 00047Web

Dsc 00063Web

Dsc 00057Web

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  1. Lisa P Says:

    Oh I didn’t even know you took that first one! Yeah, Orion just made himself right at home lol. Thanks for having us over!

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