A.C Gilbert’s house children’s museum

A much needed outing today. The kid’s and I drove down to Salem to check out the A.C. Gilbert’s House. It was unbelievably cool! Closing time seemed to creep up on us way too fast so we’ll be making another trip soon.

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Dsc 0038Web-4

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Dsc 0058Web-1

Dsc 0015Web-4

Microscopic look at bug wings.

Dsc 0011Web-11

Dsc 0060Web-2

We needed Jason for this dinosaur build. It was a bit complicated for us!

Dsc 0063Web

Checking out Chinese money.

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Dsc 0022Web-7

Dsc 0019Web-2

Dsc 0052Web-1

Dsc 0072Web-1

Dsc 0078Web

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