Xander is six

We had a little food, a little cake and a little friend time to celebrate Xander’s sixth birthday.

Xander is walking on cloud 9 with all of his Bionicles and Lego Ben 10 stuff. The kids wasted no time assembling them.

Dsc 0005-1

If you’ve followed past birthdays you know how awesome my cake making skills are. This bad boy was three layers high and leaning enough to make me check the fridge several times before its debut. I was sure it was going to fall over and be plastered to the milk jug…but it did manage to stay upright.

Dsc 0008-2

Dsc 0012-1

The kids played the heck out of the Moonsand…

Dsc 0020-1

Did some bead design…

Dsc 0014-1

Dsc 0029

It was a very nice, relaxing evening. I don’t mean to brag but we do have the best family and friends:P

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  1. Kristin Says:

    No, WE have the best family and friends! 😛

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