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Experiments in food

In my 34 years I have never eaten liver. The idea intrigued me so what the heck, why not try it?

The package looks like it holds a giant blood clot. Interesting.

I pulled up a liver recipe with rave reviews and managed to turn this…

Dsc 0005Liverweb

…into this:

Doused in butter, bacon and sprinkled with lemon juice and zest.

Dsc 0008Liverweb

Plated with green beans.

We all ate it, dipped in BBQ sauce. If it was the liver or starve, I’d eat it and say it was damn delicious. But it’s not the liver or starve and it’s obvious the cover up ingredients were not enough.

We can all say we tried liver now and I think I may live out the rest of my life on that single taste.

Xander’s new hat

Friend Rachele made this adorable hat for Xander’s birthday. Looks like a little yard gnome, eh? I love it.

Dsc 0005Hatweb


Feeling the Valentine spirit early. hearts and apples.

Dsc 000333Web

Xander is sick today but couldn’t pass on cookie decorations.

Dsc 00188Web

Dsc 00166Web

Dsc 00111Web

Yep….more legos and actual people this time.

Friends Lisa and kids came over today. Yay! Check out Lisa’s awesome new braids. Very hip!

Dsc 00073Web

I love how our kids always bring company into our bed to flip through the Netflix watch now stuff. They look so cozy. hehe

Dsc 00093Web

…and yes, more Legos.

Dsc 00037Web

The roof is complete on the Lego house! Jason definitely has a brain wired for this stuff. The kids were asking me all day, while jason was working, if I could help them build a roof and I had no clue where to begin. The book I laid on top didn’t seem to satisfy them. 😉

Jason finished work and came up with this great roof design, complete with skylight.

Dsc 00047Web

Dsc 00063Web

Dsc 00057Web

Even more Legos

Jason built a Lego house and the kids are ecstatic!

Complete with windows, door, bathroom, furniture…

Dsc 0002Legoweb

Check out that hinged design for more playing options…

Dsc 0004Legoweb

Dsc 0003Legoweb

The kids are inspired! Xander is figuring out a roof design and Isaac a family car. All the the minifigs have been moved in and the kids are busy in play. I just can’t believe how many useful pieces came in our random 12 pounds of legos we bought off Ebay. no kit, no instructions…just raw imagination.

Xander just ran in to tell me the Spongebob minifig is watching his favorite show and eating a pizza in the new house. Ha!

legos again

Xander and Simon wanted me to retake the photos with their newest alterations…

Simon added a hat to his guy…

Dsc 0006Web-9

Xander completely overhauled his ship…

Dsc 0003Web-12

I’m certain they are already completely different now…but hey, I did what was asked of me:D

lego mania again

The kids are really into building ships with the Legos lately. Isaac was also wondering if Lego Transformers would be possible and got to work creating his own Lego Transformer that transformed with minimal piece…shall I say “transplants” or “swapping”?

I missed snapping photos of the Transformer but here are a few ships…

Xander build (for Isaac)…

Dsc 0004Web-13

Simon build…

Dsc 0005Legosm

Xander build (for himself)…I like the guy sweeping off the deck.

Dsc 0009Web-6

A.C Gilbert’s house children’s museum

A much needed outing today. The kid’s and I drove down to Salem to check out the A.C. Gilbert’s House. It was unbelievably cool! Closing time seemed to creep up on us way too fast so we’ll be making another trip soon.

Dsc 0026Web-3

Dsc 0038Web-4

Dsc 0036Web-2

Dsc 0032Web-1

Dsc 0058Web-1

Dsc 0015Web-4

Microscopic look at bug wings.

Dsc 0011Web-11

Dsc 0060Web-2

We needed Jason for this dinosaur build. It was a bit complicated for us!

Dsc 0063Web

Checking out Chinese money.

Dsc 0012Web-3

Dsc 0022Web-7

Dsc 0019Web-2

Dsc 0052Web-1

Dsc 0072Web-1

Dsc 0078Web


Dsc 0002Web-11

Xander is six

We had a little food, a little cake and a little friend time to celebrate Xander’s sixth birthday.

Xander is walking on cloud 9 with all of his Bionicles and Lego Ben 10 stuff. The kids wasted no time assembling them.

Dsc 0005-1

If you’ve followed past birthdays you know how awesome my cake making skills are. This bad boy was three layers high and leaning enough to make me check the fridge several times before its debut. I was sure it was going to fall over and be plastered to the milk jug…but it did manage to stay upright.

Dsc 0008-2

Dsc 0012-1

The kids played the heck out of the Moonsand…

Dsc 0020-1

Did some bead design…

Dsc 0014-1

Dsc 0029

It was a very nice, relaxing evening. I don’t mean to brag but we do have the best family and friends:P