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Baby Lotus photos…and backstory :)

She is two weeks old and the day was bright enough for a photo session! Also I was finally feeling good enough for the challenge;)

She has been such a joy and we still can’t believe we have a daughter. I still don’t think it has really hit me. Most of the newborn stuff my mom got us was boyish and putting it on her felt more normal to me. But, I have managed to break through the weirdness of it all and put some pink on her. Baby steps!

Some have asked for more details on the birth and I think I am ready to divulge;)…

After three, well four (counting a late-ish stillbirth), hospital births and OB monitored pregnancies I was done, DONE, with those shenanigans.

Done with being told what to do,

done with standardized, routine labs and swabs and tests and monitors,

done with the gazillion prenatal appointments that take a doctor’s fee to tell me, yes, I am still pregnant,

done with doctors telling me where and how and with what IVs and contraptions to labor and deliver with.

I decided I wanted to have the most perfect pregnancy and birth that was just for me. Just for us. I wanted to reclaim the natural-ness of making a baby. Like a cat. Gestate like a cat. Birth like a cat…in the quiet and rhythm of my own will. So that’s what I did! Jason and I excitedly transitioned our canoodling from “benign” to “let’s do this!” and a couple months later we quietly beamed over our positive pregnancy test.

I did not call a doctor..nope. I just enjoyed the knowledge all to myself. I bought a doppler and found the heartbeat at 9 weeks, all on my own. Every few weeks I would find the heartbeat and reassure myself the baby was growing well…until I started to feel those first kicks.

Then I was able to put the doppler away and enjoy all the movements telling me every day that baby was growing and thriving well. First trimester, second trimester, third trimester…I enjoyed the pregnancy for what it was. A baby, so natural and amazing, growing inside me.

*Toward the end, I signed a contract with an awesome midwife to be on call for the birth. She also helped us with the birth certificate paperwork (woot!).

When my due date approached I was not worried, only excited for the big day.
I still had the imagery of a mother cat seeking out a quiet spot in the house and that is what I wanted to do. I bought no “supplies,” no home-birthing kit. I really think all of that stuff is unnecessary and having a baby doesn’t need to be so medical…so we just waited for baby to come. All on her own. No induction, no membrane stripping or water breaking. No castor oil or 5 hour walks at the mall. Just waiting.

On her due date, I labored all morning at home. The pain was familiar. I knew what to expect. Jason and I never mentioned a feeling of needing support. We just went with it and it was great!

When it was time to push there was a moment of worry because I didn’t have someone to check and tell me I was fully dilated. Memories of nurses and doctors telling me to wait so they can make sure…because swelling can occur!

But then I had to laugh and remind myself birth is natural! My body would not be pushing if it wasn’t ready to do so. I told Jason everything was fine and we were doing great! After a few pushes the head was out and I told Jason to go get the kids.

He asked if we had time and I said we did. He ran and called the kids up and they all came in to see the baby’s head out. Xander felt a little squeamish and left the room to wait outside but Isaac and Simon stayed to watch the birth.

My body pushed her out and Jason caught her. It was so sweet the way he announced it was a girl with a teary, surprised look on his face. She was pale with a purple-ish head and took a few seconds to start breathing (it is her first time, after all!). We rubbed her body. When she took her first breaths it sounded a little wet so Jason “suctioned” her with his mouth over her nose and mouth a couple times. She pinked up, and opened her eyes! We wrapped her in blankets, Isaac ran to get us a container from the kitchen (for the placenta) and my body pushed the placenta out.

My sister Omi arrived and she helped hold the baby and placenta bowl while Jason helped me get cleaned up in the shower. Clean clothes, clean sheets, whew! Look what we have done!

About an hour after the birth Jason used a strip of cotton to tie off the cord. He flame-steralized a pair of kitchen scissors and cut the cord. and that was that! We had a baby! We snuggled in bed looking at our new baby. She is perfect. The pregnancy was perfect. The birth was perfect. Everything was perfect!

And now its been two weeks and we are still holding our new baby and staring at her in amazement over how gentle her arrival was. It was just another day in the Bergeman house…but not really. Ha!

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Dsc 0033Bw Web

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Santa did his thang

Christmas 2010!

The kids woke us up early after we had stayed up until 3am. We were barely awake! I am seriously considering we do it all on Christmas Eve next year.

Of course the baby won’t be so new next year so maybe our sleep hours will be better.

Dsc 0004Xmasweb

The blur of present time…

Dsc 0007Xmasweb

Simon wanted a “Pillow Pet” and that is what he is about to open…

Dsc 0009Xmasweb

7/9 kid gifts were LEGO related so Jason had a very busy day assisting the builds…

Dsc 0020Xmasweb

I didn’t think I would be able to concentrate on any detailed knitting with a newborn but…

I whipped out a “10 cabled baby hat” for my sister’s little boy due in February. It is so cute!!! And fun to knit. I’m going to make another one slightly bigger since this one turned out a little on the small side.

Dsc 0022Web-15

Dsc 0024Web-6

Merry Christmas Eve!

It started with, “Is it possible to make a helmet out of paper?”

And this costume evolved from there…

I thought he looked like an executioner but he calls it “horn man.”

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6 days old

Photo331 6Days

3 days old

And we are playing dress up! My tie dye diapers apparently need another hot rinse because Lotus woke up with bluish dye on her bum after a wet diaper. It looks like she endured a beating. oops! Luckily it is fading with wipes and we’ll just get the diapers washed up better.

In the meantime, she is rocking a neon green Fuzzibunz diaper…

Dsc 0003 3Daysweb

We finally tried the knitted romper and matching hat and it fits! I was worried it would be too small considering her starting weight but it fits well and she looks so cozy in it.

I *love* her!

Dsc 0017 3Daysweb

Dsc 0013 3Daysweb

Dsc 0020 3Daysweb

Sleep sleep sleep

Baby slept most of today and we just want to poke her so we can play with her. 🙂

Dsc 0007Web-22

Dsc 0012Web-11

Twos company, three’s a crowd, four’s…a party?

The brother’s are in love with their new baby sister…overwhelmingly so! hahaha!

Dsc 0033Web-9

Almost 24 hours old…

and yes, she does look like a three month old! haha! ROAR!!!!!!!!!!

I absolutely love this sleep sack I made on her. It is so cozy! Too bad it won’t last long. And the knitted socks are a hoot. Little gnome feet, just like I imagined.

Dsc 0021Web-10

Baby Lotus is here!

Started labor at 4:00am this morning on her due date…

Worked through each contraction doing my usual door frame standing push-ups;)

Pushed surprise baby girl out at 1:45pm into Jason’s hands! We are thrilled and fighting over who gets to hold her. .I thought it was just going to be Jason and I playing tug-of-war, but there are also three eager brothers pining for a turn.

The first two of Lotus can be clicked to see a larger size…

Dsc 0027Web-9

Dsc 0032Web-4

Dsc 0013Web-7

Dsc 0035Web-6

My usual baby face gobbling and gave her the spiel about how sorry I am she has been born into a couple of cooky parents who will be mauling her with love every day for the rest of her life. Isaac chimed in to confirm its truth from first hand experience. haha!

Dsc 0028Web-8

We did an initial hop on the bathroom scale and subtracted Jason’s weight getting a weight we thought was 7 pounds 2 ounces. But later when we got out the baby scale and zeroed it out for the blanket, diaper and clothes we got a whopping:

9 pounds 12 ounces! Jason had to triple check that.


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Waiting and knitting

39 weeks today…

Photo326 39Weeks

I am very tired! I take lots of naps and our family has retreated into the coziness of staying home together while we wait for baby to arrive.

We took the boys to the yarn store to pick out their colors for a VERY simple, mindless sweater pattern I have started for them.

Seriously awesome pattern for grabbing up and knitting throughout the day and letting my mind wander without worrying about missing a stitch. No need to look at the pattern every row and I should be able to keep knitting them after baby arrives, no problem. I love it!

Xander picked out “Mystery purple” and it is really pretty! Too bad my purples often photograph blue??

Dsc 0007Web-21

Isaac picked out “Water Green.” and you can see my slight OCD here with buttons already sewn on. I like to weave in all my ends and complete my finishing touches as I go, so when I bind off the needles at the end it is DONE, Baby:)

Dsc 0005Web-13

And look at my inventive hubby! He is the official yarn ball winder around here and he created his own swift to make the job easier. Some wood, clamps and the lazy susan from the spice cabinet and voila!

I love the pleased look on his face here…and Xander watching his sweater yarn get wound. How can I love them anymore than I do without nibbling on them? I *heart* my family so much. (totally swooning in pregnancy hormones right now. haha!

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