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Here’s the beef.

This is what 1/4 cow looks like. Grass fed…should be yummy.

Ground beef on the top shelf, roasts on the bottom. Steaks and stew meat and “miscellaneous” on the middle racks.

I have no idea what a “T-round” is and never heard of a “neck roast.”

If my parents hadn’t raised me vegetarian maybe it wouldn’t have had to come to this! hahahahaha!!!!



The plan was to go an extra week without buying groceries or getting take out.

Its been a complete fail…

Considering this is how our day STARTED, I think we’ll be grocery shopping as soon as possible today.

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Lego mania

We cleared out a shit load very large amount of toys this past summer and simplified things. It was becoming a bunch of clutter that never got used. With the kids input, we kept the giant bin of legos, some blocks and the costumes…select books and that’s about it.

Suddenly the legos were noticed *and* they had the room to really play with them.

You can find second hand legos on Ebay sold by the pound and they are fabulous! 12 pounds of legos with all kinds of pieces and minifigs, random windshields and wheels. Its great for open-ended play. The kids use their imaginations and come up with the coolest things.

Isaac thinks this could probably be sold as a kit at the stores for $4.99. hehe the guy without the head is not a mistake. He is an undead. hmm.

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Xander is perfecting a sword…

He said it was falling apart too easily until he added the bracing, noted closer to the tip.

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Isaac too…

He still plays with the costumes a lot too.

He wanted me to take a picture of him with a book over his face. Without that pesky human face getting in the way you can appreciate a complete pterodactyl transformation!

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And because Simon has no idea what the rationale behind this is but must still do everything his big brothers do, he had to get his photo op too…

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The boy version…

…of those American Girl dolls.

You know how hard it is to get these costumes on him? He brings me one after another, from the seemingly endless stash in the kids closet. I have to sorta shake him down in like putting a pillow case on a pillow…then roll up the sleeves and pant legs.

He gets everything just so,

only to come back to me 5 minutes later with a new costume.

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Budget gourmet

I had a hankering for a big, soft pretzel and we’ve made these before. Lots of fun to make and so yummy.

Again….I made sure Simon’s creations were clearly identified on the baking sheet. I think I had to pull off a few stray pieces of fuzz during the journey from his hands to the tray. The oven sanitizes, no?

Dsc 0004Pretzelsweb

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The recipe is from my Eat Healthy for $50 a Week book by Rhonda Barfield, but she credits the recipe as an adaption from a recipe in Cheap Eating by Pat Edwards.

Combine in a small bowl:

1 package (or 2.5 tsp) yeast

1 1/3 cups warm water

Stir until dissolved. Add:

3 cups white flour

1 cup whole wheat flour

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp sugar

Knead, adding flour as necessary, to form easy-to-handle dough. Leave the dough to rise until doubled.

Break into 12 pieces and tie each piece into your pretzel shape. Brush with:

1 egg, beaten

Sprinkle on:

Course salt and/ or onion flakes.

Bake 15 to 20 minutes at 350 degrees, until golden brown.

You can use all white flour (like I did here) but the whole wheat is really good too.

Not a lot of money but parks are free…

Isaac and his “shadow” zoom around the park path together.



We found an abandoned frisbee in the park…





The finder’s keepers rule didn’t feel exactly legit…but when Simon carried it with us to the car, we didn’t object. If you happen to stumble across this blog and you lost a frisbee at the Rood Bridge park, send me a message and we’ll return it asap. 😀

Within seconds of the friends coming over…

Isaac and Xander are really into making and watching videos of themselves with Photo Booth. I didn’t realize you could record videos with it?? Saweeet!

Royalmom got a little spring…err, fall cleaning

I came to realize my About page was dreadfully outdated. It is all up to date now with all of our children accounted for and current philosophies described.

The cloth diaper and book review pages are no more. I had forgotten all about them and was actually embarrassed to see me rave about that Thomas Jefferson Ed book so long ago…ack!

It’s funny the range of parenting and education books I/we had to weed through to get to where we are today. They were all necessary and helpful to the cause, but thumbing through some of them today would make me cringe and certainly not something I want to recommend to others.

And Jason finally resolved my ongoing complaint of photos having to be posted so small. He widened the page! Such a simple solution. It only took us six years to figure that out. Six years. My little blog is growing up.

One of the best things to keep on hand…

…is a few box cake mixes. Its so easy and something fun for the kids to do when I don’t want to have to break out every ingredient to make it from scratch.

Ideally the kids will be able to do everything from the mixing to the pouring, from the baking to the decorating but we’re still a little ways from that.

I did have to make the frosting from scratch, which only took a few minutes but that might be another thing to keep in the cupboard. ha!

Anyway, you can rest assured I did NOT sample from Simon’s finished cupcakes. The slobbery fingers were poking those chocolate chips in DEEP.

PS…Annemarie needs to tell me where she got these plates the kids decorated because Simon needs his own. please!

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