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some kind of project going on

The kids have been very busy with the printing and cutting out of these Ben Ten alien guys. There was an impressive amount that spanned half the couch last night. Some of them were shared with friends.

They create some fun projects for themselves…nevermind the grumbling coming from Jason about paper and toner use. hehe

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Zoo today…

…per Xander’s request.

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Monkey see, monkey do.

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Happy November!

I would love to have someone else take some pics of my Xander…all my kids actually. I can never seem to capture the real Xan when he’s by himself….or maybe it is the real Xan? hmmm. I guess the real Xander never stops moving or making sounds so when I ask him to stop for a second it looks unnatural for him. hehe!

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The candy gathering holiday is serious business!

Dsc 0003

Whew! the gang is all here and ready to roll.

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Craptastic corn dogs.

The kids didn’t like my homemade pizza, piled high with bell peppers and zucchini, so I attempted to throw together some corn dogs for their lunch today.

We had a good laugh when they came out of the oven. They did eat them and Isaac actually had two so they couldn’t have been that bad.

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Jackson Bottom Wetlands

Xander accidently spelled Isaac’s name IAAC….he read it “Ike” which reminded him of “hike” and made him want to go on a hike.

But not too long of a hike where he gets hungry and thirsty before the end.

So off we went to spend a short time at the Jackson Bottom Wetlands.

Isaac didn’t want to go so it was just me and the two littlest.






Pumpkin patch madness

The way they can turn a country experience into such a commercial ruckus amazes me! We survived the Plumper Pumpkin Patch and only spent $12…not bad at all in that respect. But the crowd and the lines…!!!

Let’s all agree to go back to Baggenstos Farm next year? They have a beautiful corn maze and we can let the children FREE to run about and not lose them in a crowd.

On the (major) plus side, we shared the day with good friends and decompressed over dinner and conversation at home. Yay!

A little bright out?…

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In a black and white mood…

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Somebody loves me!

Xander is going crazy with the drawing and presenting me little gifts, folded into envelopes, with “To Zoe” or “To Soe” hehe.

The first time he drew the hearts for me he shoved the finished picture into my hands and said “Just take it!” and walked off quickly, embarrassed….like he sacrificed his boyness to draw hearts for his mom.

He’s also learning to read! Very cool.

At the grocery store:

Xander: That word says food.

Me: You’re becoming a reader Xan. That’s great!

Xander: I think its because of all the words I asked how to spell while playing Scribblenauts.

Me: cool.

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Floor play

The kids gravitate to whatever Jason does in play. It’s like magic…get down on the floor, dump out some blocks (or whatever you have) and start playing. Next thing you know you’ll have all the kids very excited to come see what you’re up to and join in.

Try it! The kids will beam.


Camping at Devil’s Lake

In Lincoln City, Oregon.

We stormed the campground with 200 of our friends…okay maybe just three other families, but with all the kids it feels like a lot.

It rained most of Saturday but the park was nice enough to have a tree conveniently located by our campfire to keep us dry. Such hospitality! We were able to enjoy conversation and VERY close raccoon watching around the campfire after all.

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Simon gave us a heart attack barreling his bike down this dock at full speed.

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It’s a bonus during any adventure to find a dead animal. right? Conversations about the washed up jellyfish from a past beach trip may now be replaced with the dead bird finding of this weekend. Woot!

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