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Design on a dime

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Do you think there are enough thumb tacks here? Xander must have been making sure it will not blow away in the event of a hurricane. At least if the wall blows away, the print will go with, securely attached. ha!

It tickles me that Xander must have found this picture online, liked it, printed it and gingerly cut it out just so, so that he could hang it up by his desk. Actually, it looks like something he created with one of the many “create your own character” sites he has been enjoying.

Playing house

“This one is Mommy and this one is Daddy.”

I wonder if “Forearms” makes dinner and “Power Ranger Megazord” cleans up after? 😛

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Cookie party fun

It was our first try at a cookie making party and it was fun! The kids had a lot of fun balling up the chocolate cookies and dipping them in powdered sugar. Then they piled the shape cookies with icing and sprinkles.

We have more cookies than we know what to do with now but I’m taking our share to my parents Christmas party to hopefully spread the love around. I also saved two balls of dough for the freezer to pull out Christmas eve for stocking stuffing.

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Major fort construction today

Xander started off the day with a small fort…

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Beginnings of Isaac’s fort…

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Complete with nesting…

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Evidence of Isaac writing…he created a roster to be signed before entering.

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Xander wants a sign too but has to make it his own by calling his fort a tent:)

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Christmas season is finally here for us

We swung by the Hillsboro tree lighting, late for everything, and spent 5 minutes looking at this fabulous tree. Isn’t it fabulous?? hehehehehe

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The plan this year for Christmas involves a lot of hope the kids are still young enough for some reprogramming of expectations.

Most of the gifts are going to be simple and homemade. Aside from a couple video games there will be:

  • Fresh (homemade) play-doh
  • Commissioned blankets with matching pillow cases (thanks K!)
  • Music mixes burned on CDs
  • Stockings filled with different kinds of cookies.

Years past they have been so excited over the first gift they needed reminding to open another, so I anticipate an initial freak over the new Mario Wii game, warm fuzzies over the rest and then an afternoon of gaming and cookie eating. How can it go wrong?

I’ll let you know how it goes…

the impossible

Family photo time with the tripod.

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Grandma Louise is 99!

We had a nice meal with Jason’s family to celebrate his Grandma “Weze’s” (pronounced weezy) 99th birthday. She is one of those refreshing oddities that is always positive. Always a big smile and a warm greeting when you see her. An inspiration to me.

….on the flip side she can also be extremely apologetic about us taking time out of our busy lives to visit her, which makes me want to put her in a headlock or maybe threaten a half nelson if she doesn’t stop saying things like that. Is 99 too old for a half nelson?

Totally off topic but I just googled half nelson to see if I knew what I was talking about and check out this wikipedia on it. Did you know there is also a full nelson and a three-quarter nelson?

Okay, back on topic…Louise and her family are amazing and I am so blessed to have married into this group of intelligent, artistic people.

jason comes from good stock, I tell ya.

*All images can be clicked for full version so family can have copies. I should have popped the flash on the outside ones as focus is messed up. Sorry! I’m out of practice. hehehe

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Break out the markers

Our friends hooked us up with this GIANT roll of paper from Costco and the kids are letting the creativity flow.

The funny thing about their drawing is each of them, from early on, have never been about creating a scene or filling in the lines of a coloring book. The drawings have always been about telling a story, except more like a mini movie that starts with the first marks and ends with a complete explosion of color, decimating the page and all the layers of plot underneath.

So what begins as a family of people, spaceship or robots will end up buried under more and more color of natural and unnatural disasters. 😛

Pardon Isaac, looking a little emo here. He was fighting with Simon for a chair. We are down to just a couple chairs now after the set of six have been dying off one by one.

But I ordered six new ones…along with three new bar stools! We are going to have seats to spare. Hurray!

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Our little death knight

Isaac has kept playing WoW off and on and slowly leveled his characters. He now has a level 68 death knight and is running stuff in the game with Jason.

Fun for all of us…and pretty cool for an eight year old I think.

I still play but not so much. Knitting and other projects are calling to me now.


Multiple blogs have been inspiring me with great ideas around the house!

We used chalkboard paint to make labels on my food storage jars.

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Just need to repaint the lids on all my big jars.

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And also used it on one cupboard to post daily menus or messages. It still needs another coat…

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Ultimate dressing indeed.

This dressing is so yummy!

My friend Lisa suggested the recipe and it is so awesome I had to share. We’ve been slathering it on sandwiches and slopping it on salads. I think I can finally let go of the mayo and ranch dressing;)

*found another use. I mixed a little sour cream into some of the dressing for a yummy dip for quesadillas. I’m sure it will be delicious on any mexican dish.

Ultimate Dressing


* 1 bunch fresh parsley

* 2 tablespoons fresh tarragon or basil or dill (I use dry dill)

* 1/2 onion

* 2 ounces almond butter (I used tahini)

* 1/2 avocado (I used a whole avocado)

* 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

* 1 teaspoon tamari

* 1 tablespoon lemon juice

* 1 teaspoon vinegar

* 1 tablespoon nutritional yeast flakes

* 1 teaspoon kelp (I used sea salt)

* 4 ounces water


1. Put everything in the blender and process for a few minutes until the mixture starts to thicken.