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blogs are so self absorbed! and now lets talk about ME!

I filled out this questionnaire for a new local unschooling list I joined. I thought I’d post it here too…just in case anyone is interested in getting to know us better. anyone?

this may be difficult since there are more words than pictures. I promise to get back to my usual quick, minimal text posts after this…maybe.

Parents’ names: zoe (33) and jason (38)

Parents’ passions: WoW right now…I also do portraiture photography, a little knitting and love to go on adventures with the kids. I bought a tiny vintage trailer and the kids and I are working through the hiking trails in a book I bought “Best Hikes in Oregon With Kids”

Kid’s names & ages: Isaac (7) Xander (5) Simon (almost 2)

Kid’s passions: Isaac loves Transformers and video games. Xander loves cooking, eating and everything Isaac is into. Simon loves to nurse and tear up the house and whatever his older brothers are doing.

How long have you been unschooling and why did you choose unschooling?

pretty much all along.

We started into parenting without a clue and our first born has dictated everything we do. From the first days when he let us know a separate nursery was not going to do, and we sold the crib and did family bed, to the trial of montessori preschool when Isaac said he never wanted to go to school. He just wanted to be with us.

I got into a bit of a panic trying to figure out the alternative to school. We tried a short stint of the online charter school and it was a joke. A major waste of time doing dumb stuff.

I read quite a few books starting with thomas Jefferson education…”get off the conveyor belt of education.” This was a good start but still too controlling in my opinion. read some charlotte mason…very organic, which I love, but still taking something so natural and complicating the hell out of it.

Have you read these books? It’s like four sets of bibles. Then I read some John Holt that was taking me home…but I really loved Dumbing us Down by John Taylor Gatto and Teenage Liberation Handbook: How to Quit School and get a real life and education by Grace Llewellyn.

After reading these things I found out there was a thing called “unschooling” …I said yes! this is something we can do. It just means doing what we have always done and change nothing. love that! I was so excited to learn about this I wanted to liberate everyone with my new found knowledge.

the backlash was not good:( I quickly decided I’m not on a crusade to change people’s minds. I am just grateful every day for the closeness and joy we experience as a family every day. How lucky we are!

Isaac could have been a completely different personality and set the stage for a traditional school life and we’d never know the alternative. Thank God!

Favorite PDX activity? parks, hiking, eating out, fountains, plays, ballet

Fav PDX restaurant? I love thai food and lots of places will do. but I’m good for just about anywhere.

We’re alive!

long time no blog, eh? this could get chatty…

We discovered world of warcraft and its been quite a time suck. The kids play off and on and want my help…then Jason and I play in the evening together. Its almost like a date without finding a babysitter! and we’ve made a few friends in the process. I’m up to a level 60 out of 80, so not sure how much longer before the obsession wanes.


The kids had a blast at an indoor play place that totally rocks as far as stuff for all three ages to do. Out of this World Pizza and Play. Of course we picked up the sickies…but our immune systems will be all armored up for next time, right?

Xander and I did the grocery shopping together this week and it’s always hilarious the things we buy when Xander is helping. We came home with four boxes of popsicles, one of which has all the dyes you never wanted. So they have green and blue mouths. We also came home with gummie worms *and* bears and coco puffs.

They get a couple days of survival on empty calories before it all runs out and then…oops, we’re left with the healthy stuff mom picked out.

Here are my babies today. The big boys went with Jason to get haircuts and isaac came back with no hair. oh well…(and simon is all stuffy with the sickies).

Dsc 0003Web

Dsc 0004Web-2

Dsc 0005Web

Dsc 0006Sm-13


Painting airplanes. Airplanes *and* a reason to use paints? This is something that must not wait until tomorrow!

and friends, I want you to tell you something I probably should keep to myself but it is cracking me up. When I cleaned off the table for the project there was a fruit loop hardened and stuck to the table. I could not get it off! In fact it is still there and I Photoshop’d it off the pic. lol!

I wish I could swap out the yard service at the rental house for housecleaning service for us. Ugh!

Img 2515Web

Img 2511Web

Happy birthday Xander!

We had a great time, with great friends. Xander loved every minute of it.

I always say this, but next year I hope to plan things a little sooner. geesh…the night before is ridiculous!

but….for our first “friends included” (aka not just family) party for Xander, I’d say it was a smashing success.

five candles and five balloons.

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Img 2491Web

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