Grandma Louise is 99!

We had a nice meal with Jason’s family to celebrate his Grandma “Weze’s” (pronounced weezy) 99th birthday. She is one of those refreshing oddities that is always positive. Always a big smile and a warm greeting when you see her. An inspiration to me.

….on the flip side she can also be extremely apologetic about us taking time out of our busy lives to visit her, which makes me want to put her in a headlock or maybe threaten a half nelson if she doesn’t stop saying things like that. Is 99 too old for a half nelson?

Totally off topic but I just googled half nelson to see if I knew what I was talking about and check out this wikipedia on it. Did you know there is also a full nelson and a three-quarter nelson?

Okay, back on topic…Louise and her family are amazing and I am so blessed to have married into this group of intelligent, artistic people.

jason comes from good stock, I tell ya.

*All images can be clicked for full version so family can have copies. I should have popped the flash on the outside ones as focus is messed up. Sorry! I’m out of practice. hehehe

Dsc 0041-2

Dsc 0040-1

Dsc 0037-1

Dsc 0005

Dsc 0008-1

Dsc 0015-1

Dsc 0016

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Dsc 0023

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