Break out the markers

Our friends hooked us up with this GIANT roll of paper from Costco and the kids are letting the creativity flow.

The funny thing about their drawing is each of them, from early on, have never been about creating a scene or filling in the lines of a coloring book. The drawings have always been about telling a story, except more like a mini movie that starts with the first marks and ends with a complete explosion of color, decimating the page and all the layers of plot underneath.

So what begins as a family of people, spaceship or robots will end up buried under more and more color of natural and unnatural disasters. 😛

Pardon Isaac, looking a little emo here. He was fighting with Simon for a chair. We are down to just a couple chairs now after the set of six have been dying off one by one.

But I ordered six new ones…along with three new bar stools! We are going to have seats to spare. Hurray!

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  1. omi Strauser Says:

    For a second there I thought you were all at the Macaroni Grill ; )

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