Our little death knight

Isaac has kept playing WoW off and on and slowly leveled his characters. He now has a level 68 death knight and is running stuff in the game with Jason.

Fun for all of us…and pretty cool for an eight year old I think.

I still play but not so much. Knitting and other projects are calling to me now.


Multiple blogs have been inspiring me with great ideas around the house!

We used chalkboard paint to make labels on my food storage jars.

Dsc 0002Web-8

Just need to repaint the lids on all my big jars.

Dsc 0009Bweb

And also used it on one cupboard to post daily menus or messages. It still needs another coat…

Dsc 0015Bweb

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  1. Sheri Russell Says:

    Great idea!!! The jars look terrific! I think you may have inspired me too
    and was that Mountain Dew on Jason’s desk?

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