In Defense of Food

Finally finished this absolute gem of a book after five weeks of library loan (it’s tough to read with a two year old these days!).

Indefensefood Cover Med

We had already weaned ourselves off eating out several times a week and have been cooking meals at home regularly. But this book has been just what I needed to move to the next level of healthy eating.

Maybe you’ve heard the opening line of this book, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

So that has been our motto around here now and we ask ourselves is this “real food” or “pretend food.” hehe!

And it is a LOT harder than one would think. I fill up my grocery cart with 100% real food but not without a couple of close calls along the way. Certain things have become so natural in our shopping we forget they are not natural. Bottled lemon juice is one example. I nearly put it in my cart and checked the label quickly to find the preservatives….I felt so silly. Duh! Lemon juice comes from lemons not a bottle. How could I forget this??

And the silliest part is why do I need a bottle in my fridge so I can have it year round when its so easy to grab a couple lemons when I need it.

We have switched to homemade bread. I still need to buy some proper bread pans but in the meantime a single loaf in the bread maker, started first thing in the morning works well.

The only thing that has been really difficult to phase out, since forever ago when we realized hydrogenated oils were no good, has been tortillas.

Xander loves quesadillas and we all love warm, soft burritos on occasion. I tried to make my own and they turned out like pancakes….THICK.

So a proper recipe is in order I think. I’ll keep trying!

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  1. Kristin Lake Says:

    That’s an awesome book. I have been too busy (or is it lazy) to implement much of the lessons but you have inspired me and I WILL do it! Go me! Right after I finish grouting the tile in the kitchen and painting the kids’ room. Whew! 🙂

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