Green smoothie

A friend asked me if I had any recipes to share for a raw food diet she was going to try for a month. I have never done this myself but a quick Google search brought up this guy’s blog who not only did the same 30 day raw food challenge but blogged his meals daily, in detail, with photos. I linked his archives and you have to scroll down to January 2008 entries to see the posts.

I was amazed by the simplicity. They aren’t really recipes but a big ol’ pile of fruits and veggies.

I love my warm soups and sauteed veggies too much to go raw but I was intrigued by the few recipes he did have listed for smoothies and a salad dressing.

Today I tried the green smoothie:

3 bananas

100g baby spinach (by weight)

1 cup water

It tastes pretty good, in fact simon gobbled it up. But I think it will be better with frozen bananas so I broke up thee bananas and tossed them into the freezer in a ziplock for next time.

The nice thing is the simplicity of changing out ingredients. After the foundation of bananas and 1 cup of water, anything can be tossed in from kale to celery to berries to mango.

I guess I’m just blown away that a smoothie does not have to include some kind of dairy or sugars. yep…slow learner;)

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I’m looking forward to trying the salad dressing:

1/2 red bell (or grape tomatoes)

raw tahini 46g (I have roasted)

Fresh lemon juice 24g

1/4 cup water

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  1. Lisa P Says:

    hey, who else is doing raw?! i am posting some recipes i tried and liked on my GFCF blog if they want to check it out.

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