update on The Summer Life

Maybe I should start calling our choices for our children’s schooling “The Summer Life” since that’s really what it is; a summer vacation that never ends. Yes! I like it.

The unschooling label has been on my mind a lot lately. It was so foreign to us when we first discovered its philosophies. It gave us some guidelines to use as a jumping off point. It helped us figure out what was in the way of the gentle parenting style we have always been striving for.

but, BUT…once I subscribed to the label unschooler I started to notice all the things I don’t like about religions…err I mean labels. Unschooling magazines filled with articles about how much better unschooled kids are than schooled kids. Conversations amongst parents about who is purely unschooling and who is not. Forums filled with parents looking for support and getting lambasted for not unschooling “the right way.”

I don’t like rules and we certainly don’t follow any set parenting guidelines. We have found our groove and absolutely love our “summer life.” After a while I guess I get bored with talking about unschooling, who’s doing it “the right way” or why these kids are better than those kids. But, the truth is, its probably more about me questioning some of the “rules” and deciding just maybe I don’t like some of them:P

So how is our “Summer Life” going?


Isaac experienced some traditional school work and reading and writing assignments through the online charter kindergarten but Xander is nearly six and our first child to never experience learning that was not on his own terms.

I have not sat him down and gone though the ABCs or numbers at all. It has been completely up to him to figure things out and let us know if he needs anything.

Recently he has been asking us to spell stuff for him a lot. I mean A LOT. He sees words all over and asks what “____” spells. Whatever he asks I answer and leave it at that.

and he is learning to read!!!! He is also writing. Isaac is reading really well now and the kids all teach each other little things all day too. It is so amazing to hear them discussing things together.

They create games and act out imaginary scenarios together, build upon their understanding of math through casual conversation and continue to ask many questions all the time. We love Google! hehe

Whew! much more wordy than I usually get for this blog. Don’t worry, that’s more than enough and no post is complete without a photo so here is me and my guys.

I love these guys so much!

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