Pumpkin patch madness

The way they can turn a country experience into such a commercial ruckus amazes me! We survived the Plumper Pumpkin Patch and only spent $12…not bad at all in that respect. But the crowd and the lines…!!!

Let’s all agree to go back to Baggenstos Farm next year? They have a beautiful corn maze and we can let the children FREE to run about and not lose them in a crowd.

On the (major) plus side, we shared the day with good friends and decompressed over dinner and conversation at home. Yay!

A little bright out?…

Dsc 0008Web-5

In a black and white mood…

Dsc 0050Sm Bw

Dsc 0055Web Bw

Dsc 0066Web Bw

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  1. Kristin Lake Says:

    I love the pictures! Awesome! Can I have copies??! Sorry to have missed it and yes, we can do the lower key place next year. I always think that when we go to the commercial place and then by October I have forgotten. It’s on you now. You remember for us okay? 🙂
    Dinner and conversation were both great! Thanks

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