Camping at Devil’s Lake

In Lincoln City, Oregon.

We stormed the campground with 200 of our friends…okay maybe just three other families, but with all the kids it feels like a lot.

It rained most of Saturday but the park was nice enough to have a tree conveniently located by our campfire to keep us dry. Such hospitality! We were able to enjoy conversation and VERY close raccoon watching around the campfire after all.

Dsc 0011Web-8

Simon gave us a heart attack barreling his bike down this dock at full speed.

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Dsc 0052Web

Dsc 0034Web-3

Dsc 0035Web-3

Dsc 0056Web-2

Dsc 0060Web-1

Dsc 0087Web-1

Dsc 0091Web

It’s a bonus during any adventure to find a dead animal. right? Conversations about the washed up jellyfish from a past beach trip may now be replaced with the dead bird finding of this weekend. Woot!

Dsc 0102Web

3 Responses to “Camping at Devil’s Lake”

  1. Lisa P Says:

    Xander’s face in that last one is classic, almost like he is about to throw up!

  2. Jessica Says:

    That fifth shot is fantastic.

  3. cafay1 Says:

    It looks like you had a great time with your family. Great pictures.

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