Lego mania

We cleared out a shit load very large amount of toys this past summer and simplified things. It was becoming a bunch of clutter that never got used. With the kids input, we kept the giant bin of legos, some blocks and the costumes…select books and that’s about it.

Suddenly the legos were noticed *and* they had the room to really play with them.

You can find second hand legos on Ebay sold by the pound and they are fabulous! 12 pounds of legos with all kinds of pieces and minifigs, random windshields and wheels. Its great for open-ended play. The kids use their imaginations and come up with the coolest things.

Isaac thinks this could probably be sold as a kit at the stores for $4.99. hehe the guy without the head is not a mistake. He is an undead. hmm.

Dsc 0014Web-3

Xander is perfecting a sword…

He said it was falling apart too easily until he added the bracing, noted closer to the tip.

Dsc 0010Web-4

Dsc 0012Web-1

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