One of the best things to keep on hand…

…is a few box cake mixes. Its so easy and something fun for the kids to do when I don’t want to have to break out every ingredient to make it from scratch.

Ideally the kids will be able to do everything from the mixing to the pouring, from the baking to the decorating but we’re still a little ways from that.

I did have to make the frosting from scratch, which only took a few minutes but that might be another thing to keep in the cupboard. ha!

Anyway, you can rest assured I did NOT sample from Simon’s finished cupcakes. The slobbery fingers were poking those chocolate chips in DEEP.

PS…Annemarie needs to tell me where she got these plates the kids decorated because Simon needs his own. please!

Dsc 0023Web-1

Dsc 0028Web

Dsc 0030Web-3

Dsc 0029Web-1

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  1. Kristin Says:

    Looks like a blast 🙂

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