Natural learning…the fun way.

We finally replaced our broken waffle iron and the new one is so much nicer than the old one. It actually lets us know when the waffle is done and eliminates all the minute watching and mixed results we had before.

The “Basic Waffle” recipe that comes in the user’s manual is simple and tastes good.

It’s a Cuisinart…and an old model on sale, but still works well enough for us…ANYWAY,

We fired it up for the second time this morning and I asked Isaac to read the recipe to me while I assembled, to save time. Wanting to double the recipe, I started making the adjustments out loud after he announced the ingredients. After the first few ingredients he figured out what I was doing and started doubling the amounts for me.

Reading a recipe, doubling the amounts, and then cooking up half the batter for us. Reading, math, home ec and then PE at the fountain;) Ha!

All that to say it does strike me at times how naturally and easily life skills come.

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