it was supposed to be fun damnit!

Drove out to the city to play in the fountains and found out my little Xander is sick:(


Can you spot them all?



Snapped a pic of Lisa and her Akasha, and meant to get one of Jessica but I thought we had lots of time! Xander went from happy to miserable in an instant and we had to pack up and head home.

My new nephew is about to arrive and I’m thinking I won’t be able to see him if I have the sickies at my house. waaaaah!


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  1. Barbra Ackerman Says:

    I used to live next to that fountain. I remember hating it when it went in, but after playing around in it on hot summer nights, I became so thankful that it was there. Earlier this summer we went over there to soak our feet, but found that it is pretty much a kid fountain now. So we got to do some kid watching, kind of like we used to at the concerts in the park. They’re so silly and cute!

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