We went back to our favorite hike from our adventures in “all trails Oregon” last year (when the kids and I were crossing off the trails listed in a book).

Wahclella Falls.

I highly recommend it for kids, or anyone. There is major eye candy in the form of waterfalls, bridges, caves and river all along the way. and of course slugs, spiders…and even a small frog this time.

Img 3885Web

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Isaac took this next photo and told me even before he snapped the pic that it shall be called “X marks the spot.”

Img 3839Web

This spider was cruising through his web design!

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Img 3880Web

Img 3856Web

A bonus treat is the fish hatchery off the same exit. The entire campus is beautiful and very relaxing to stroll through. Now is the time of year they start processing the adult salmon…this might be only M-F 9-5 kinda thing though. Since it was a holiday we missed the salmon processing this round.

Img 3902Web

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