First day of school pics…

This time of year I start seeing first day of school pics posted everywhere…it makes me want to post some too!

I couldn’t exactly get the kids lined up by the front door with their new outfits and lunch sacks, so I’ll just document a little bit of our morning.

About 10:45ish Simon wakes up and pulls me by the hand directly to the fridge and demands a popsicle.

Dsc 0024Web

We peek on the big brothers…

Dsc 0022Web-6

It’s okay, Isaac…just taking a picture. Go back to sleep:)

Dsc 0021Web-1

Shall we make pancakes, Simon?


He insists he can pour the second cup of milk in.

Dsc 0025Web-1

spill number 1/many for the day.

Dsc 0026Web-2

Dsc 0027Web-4

Xander strolls out at 11:20 eager for pancakes.

Dsc 0034Web-1

And then directly to the couch to make some more progress on Pokemon. They finally discovered the game yesterday. Simon imitates.

Dsc 0035Web-1

Isaac finally wakes up and announces he is not hungry yet but will have some OJ.

Dsc 0038Web-2

Xander is so glad Isaac is up because he needs Isaac to help with a tough part in his game.

Dsc 0044Web-1

Big sticks in the back yard…

Dsc 0049Web-2

And just because its so pretty, our farm share bounty…

Dsc 0046Web-1

The melon barely makes it out of the bag…

Dsc 0050Web

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  1. Lisa P Says:

    haha, this is like a quintessential unschooling post!!!

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