someone got a new haircut…

The faces of Simon!

He is getting so big…and such a funny guy. wants to do *everything* his older brothers do.

He’s my snuggle baby.

He has to have a foot or something touching me while we sleep. If I get up before him in the morning that lack of contact lets him know it’s time to wake up.

He will often think food is inedible when presented on his own plate…but in my bowl it suddenly looks delicious and *must* be split 50/50. ha!

He loves chocolate milk and cheese.

He loves watching Caillou.

His older brothers each had a passion…or obsession by this age. Isaac loved Hot Wheels and Transformers and Xander loved bats and balls…

…I don’t know if it’s a third child thing but he doesn’t really have a specific focus like that.

He’s happy and open to everything fun that comes his way.

I love that:)

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