the middle-ist

He does not like me to take his picture.

He is second born, just like me.

He looks like me, he acts like me. he is shy like me.

He is funny

He is smart

He is funny and smart together when he says stuff like, “That sounds complicated and I don’t even know what complicated means!”

He laughs loudly at his own jokes.

He has awesome freckles (not like me).

He loves pancakes and quesadillas and popsicles.

He hates my pea soup.

He loves online flash games and playing his DS games with Isaac.

He adores Isaac.

He takes a long time to decide.

He will change his mind after he decides…

…often at inconvenient times like after food is ordered or we are already at the check stand with items.

He draws me a picture and we are all wearing capes.

He is awesome.

He wants me to add: when he wants food he wants it NOW.

This is true, he asks for food frequently throughout the day. He takes the frequent, small meal approach so it seems like he is hungry ALL THE TIME.

Dsc 0002Frecklesweb

the outtake with his happy smile… he moves constantly.

Dsc 0003Xanweb

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  1. Jason Says:

    What’s worse is when he changes his mind AFTER we have left the store and are on the drive home and then gets REALLY mad that he didn’t get it. Like I didn’t give him all the time in the world (usually dancing around because he has to go #1) to decide…

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