Awwww! The next phase.

It was such a subtle transition I almost neglected to notice! Simon is sleeping through the night!!!!

Two years and three months into our journey of parenting three and I am starting to remember what life can be like with a decent night’s sleep. It rocks!

He wakes up with a smile and finds all kinds of adventures around the house.

Img 3635Web

Here he is in our above-ground pool this evening.

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Now that I feel like he’s sleeping more at night, I’m itching to get out for some more adventures! A motor-home may be in our near future (fingers crossed!).

I’d like to pour over a road atlas with the kids and see what kind of places we’d like to see. After our trip to Gold Beach, I’m reminded there are so many adventures right in our own state. So many places I’ve never been.

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