My mom is hosting dinner for the fam a couple Sundays a month and its been reeeeeaaaly nice! Get to hang out with our bigger family and don’t have to worry about dinner that night.

We, of course, paraded in with our tie-dye awesomeness and Aundi was there to take a pic for me.

Dsc 0022Web-5

I shot a few of Aundi, Casey and baby Noa. (you guys can just click for full version download).

Dsc 0023W

Dsc 0025W

Dsc 0026W

And we had an extra guest…Julius. His mom is crazy and never uses computers so I’ll have to print these out for her. Hopefully my parents WILL NOT print off crappy copies from their home computer and give them to her. Do you hear that? I forbid you!!!

Dsc 0010Web-3

Dsc 0002Web-6

Dsc 0003Web-7

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  1. Lisa P Says:

    wow, the whole fam together! and all it tie dye. that is going to be a photo to treasure for sure!

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