tie dye fun part II

The kids had fun! Jason and I had to restrain ourselves from jumping in and directing. The less-is-more philosophy was not in play here at all and we may end up with a bunch of brown shirts. (ha!)

Honestly, I have had the tie dye supplies in a drawer waiting to be used for a long time, maybe a year. I was nervous about the whole process and kept putting it off, because these dyes have to be carefully mixed with a chemical and the shirts get presoaked in another chemical. I also had no idea how to tie the shirts.

The craft store has a tie dye kit for sale I bought for the plastic bottles inside. I threw out the cheap dye but there is a very good CD demonstrating how to create several different patterns. We all watched it together and it helped a lot!

No more tie dye fears! We can do this!

They are sealed up in ziplock bags now. I can’t wait to see how they turn out.

Dsc 0003Bweb-1

Dsc 0007Web-5

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