rhubarb schmubarb

EDIT…OH MY HOLY MOTHER OF RHUBARB!!!! This is so delicious!

Here are the recipes I used and they are the bomb!

Strawberry-rhubarb pie

No roll pie crust


I’ve been getting my farm share box for a few weeks now and rhubarb has been included each time. I’ve never bought rhubarb…or even eaten rhubarb that I know of, and its been intimidating me.

The first week I bit off a sour bite off the end of one stalk and then they all went bad, left out on the table. The second week I snuck them all into my friends Dan and Kristin’s fridge.

And now the third week…here they are again. More rhubarb.

I decided to go ahead and give in to everyone’s fantastic support for strawberry-rhubarb pie.

I’ve made plenty of cakes and muffins during married/family life but I have not made a pie since I was a teenager. This is the best I could make out of the recipe’s call for a lattice pie crust top. They are in the oven. Let’s hope for success!

Another first for me is the coleslaw I made with the cabbage (and purple carrots). coleslaw!!!??? This farm share is definitely making me try new things as I scramble to use everything up.

Img 3370Web

Worked out pretty well!

Img 3371Web

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  1. barbra Ackerman Says:

    I remember one time in high school we had strawberry rhubarb pie at kinsey’s house. It was pretty good. I never eat rhubarb. Good job using up your weekly produce…it can get tough. Next year, I would like to get a produce box. Think I’ll look into it.

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