pics of us doing shit stuff

Jason’s softball games…#33 rounding home!

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During the two hours of games Isaac sat on this merry-go-round thing getting to know all these guys. It was hilarious to sit a few yards away and listen in;)

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Today we went and visited the “Peachy Pig Farm”. My goal was simply to u-pick some strawberries with the kids but Peachy Pig Farm gave us SO much more. Wow! This is a farm with plenty of character. A 10 or 11..maybe 12 year old boy came bounding over to welcome us and gave us a tour.

These folks have figured out how to make farming easier! just let the shit pile up. Other farms who include clean up in their daily animal care routine are suckers!

The smell up in here. I’ve always heard that about pig farms but dang!

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The boy says, “they have food. It’s right there!” and “oh we don’t clean out the poop. we just let it build up.” Gotta love that honesty but need to work on the eyesight because that food bowl is as empty as it gets. You can sorta see the front duckling has his entire back wet and caked in doodoo.

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anyway…the boy was great and gives a fantastic tour! There was plenty to see and the kids and I count this as one memorable day.

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Somebody got loose and was eating the roses! haha!

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Berry picking at last. Simon got three into his bucket before he ate them all and then started eating the berries in my bucket.

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Then we got distracted by the cherry trees! gorgeous rows and rows of cherry trees.

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eating along the way, Xander? hehe

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Our bounty cost us $3.75 but the experience was worth it!

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  1. George Y. Says:

    Sounds like a very fun experience visiting that farm with your family of kids. I sure would love to follow on your footsteps. Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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