photo session with the kids today

I have put the photography biz on hold for some time now and shooting for myself is such a pleasure! I think it helped me grow and RELAX. I have been totally out of the photographer’s loop and come to realize I don’t care about the latest style or photo treatment.

I don’t care about coordinating outfits, posed perfection or the perfect rule of thirds. I don’t need popped colors or fancy angles. I threw my expensive grey card in the garbage (did you know those things actually go bad??) and have not purchased another.

We had a fun day! I got a kick out of Xander. He stiffens up and looks uncomfortable when I try to take pics of just him but when he has Isaac by his side his natural, cuddly self shines. They have such an amazing bond.

Simon is just a blur…so not too much of him today.

Dsc 0004Web-8

Dsc 0021Web

Dsc 0061Web

Dsc 0067Web

Dsc 0084Web

(xander’s “five” portrait I’ll be printing big for the living room. yay!)

Dsc 0081Web

Dsc 0085Web

2 Responses to “photo session with the kids today”

  1. Omi Says:

    Sooooooo cute! I love the first one with xanders sweet hand transformer thingy LOL

  2. Jessica Says:

    They are cuties and I love the baby’s hair!

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