Father’s day panic

I freaked out on Saturday thinking it was Father’s day that Sunday (a week early). So when I got home from work and Jason mentioned wanting some more snack foods in the house during my work weekend I jumped up and loaded the kids into the car, thinking it was a good excuse to sneak out and help the kids pick out cards for dad.

A couple calls on the cell phone and it was confirmed that it was not Father’s day yet but we had fun raiding the store for junk food and cards that…

“are a surprise that is in the car right now, but we will be hiding it somewhere different when mommy gets home from work.”

That quote is not from the 5 year old as you’d expect but from the 8 year old. Isaac blabbed already. jeesh! His excitement over the cards may have created some misconceptions on Jason’s part so I made sure to let him know there is not a flat screen TV or a new iMac in the car…just cards.

Img 3257Web

Img 3256Web

and a bonus pic: “We made new beds. Can we sleep here tonight?”


Img 3261Web

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