Isaac is very secretive about his learning and loves to downplay it when I ask seemingly innocent (as in I think they’re innocent but Isaac isn’t falling for it) questions. Like when he was watching some old time cartoons and I said isn’t it nice to be able to read all the stuff in the cartoons now? and he answers, “well, I can’t read *everything*.”

Admittedly his passion has been more about numbers and science than reading. We have let it develop in his own time and recently he has been letting it slip that words are coming alive to him wherever we go. ie “why does it say Do Not Pass?” or “what does it mean by 24 hour savings?”

Xander is less secretive about his new reading skills and showing signs of reading already. I don’t want to scream with pride and do the happy mama dance in front of the kids because, eh-hem…reading is just another part of life, a tool we use not something we do to make mom proud. Sound like a grinch? oh well, that’s how we roll…

But anyway let me scream with pride on my blog!!!!! Xander is starting to read!!!!!! No instruction, no assignments, nothing.

We first noticed it when he was navigating netflix and asked if it was okay to hit the “add all” button for the Ben 10 series. Then he read something over my shoulder and asked me why I typed in “work” on facebook.

Today He made this Transformer sign and printed it out. It led to a quick note about sentence structure, that “Xander’s” comes first in “Xander’s room” and also about the apostrophe. I couldn’t believe that he thought to put something there between the ‘r’ and the ‘s’.

They really do connect all the dots of information around them.

Img 3205Web

Xander’s self portrait

Img 3200Web

Oh and this was on the camera too. Simon cleared out my jammy drawer and was having a good time I see.

Img 3194Web

Img 3193Web

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