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I have made the very short pilgrimage from tiring work weekend to “let’s turn these diapers into hats” craziness.

Photo 43

college friends…

Jason had a fun day reconnecting with his best buds from college today. Unfortunately I had to work this weekend so I missed it but was so glad to see a pic of everyone. It was another park with a water feature and the kids had a blast getting soaked again. The park is in Wilsonville and the fountains look amazing!

Img 3360

And just the week before, I got to hang out with one of my absolute best buds from college, Shawnette! She was my most adored roommate in all of my college experience. If any of my other roommates happen upon this blog…sorry! but it’s true and I have to play favorites in this case.

Thanks for reminding me about the times you blotted the puke off my face and tucked me in on those late drunken nights…turd! hahaha!

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Fun at the park…

Just a few shots of the kids at the park…had a good time with friends. We brought our cameras and it was like a paparazzi shoot out:)

Dsc 0041

Dsc 0045

Dsc 0052-1

Dsc 0057-1

Dsc 0058

Check this out…

Sister and brother…

Dsc 0007-1 Dsc 0016Bw

Sister <not sister in the middle> and brother…

Dsc 0022

Sister and brothers…

Dsc 0063Bw

Then our guys…

Brothers….and more brothers! hahahaha! Gotta use this one again because it’s all I have (and I love it!).

Dsc 0061

and Pumpkin Man

the super hero.

Dsc 0003Web-5

Ahhhhh! love the costume lovin’ age.

Dragon and rubber gloves. Aren’t those baby legs delicious?

Dsc 0002Web-4

Kids leaving the door open…

I think I actually let out a scream when I walked by and saw two chickens in the kitchen. They were checking out the dog food and probably loving their chance to break into the big coop for once.

Dsc 0088Web

Dsc 0087Web

Boring videos…do not watch

These are the kind of video only mom and dad can appreciate. I love how a two year old can take two plastic toys and create fun, Isaac and Xander at 5 and 8 can now create entire imaginary worlds around a single plastic toy.

and Xander at 2 doing the same thing with two dinosaurs. Again…just for me and Jason. These are ridiculously boring to anyone else;)

pics of us doing shit stuff

Jason’s softball games…#33 rounding home!

Img 3276Web

During the two hours of games Isaac sat on this merry-go-round thing getting to know all these guys. It was hilarious to sit a few yards away and listen in;)

Img 3263Web

Img 3267Web

Today we went and visited the “Peachy Pig Farm”. My goal was simply to u-pick some strawberries with the kids but Peachy Pig Farm gave us SO much more. Wow! This is a farm with plenty of character. A 10 or 11..maybe 12 year old boy came bounding over to welcome us and gave us a tour.

These folks have figured out how to make farming easier! just let the shit pile up. Other farms who include clean up in their daily animal care routine are suckers!

The smell up in here. I’ve always heard that about pig farms but dang!

Img 3289Web

The boy says, “they have food. It’s right there!” and “oh we don’t clean out the poop. we just let it build up.” Gotta love that honesty but need to work on the eyesight because that food bowl is as empty as it gets. You can sorta see the front duckling has his entire back wet and caked in doodoo.

Img 3288Web

anyway…the boy was great and gives a fantastic tour! There was plenty to see and the kids and I count this as one memorable day.

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Img 3308Web

Img 3300Web

Img 3295Web

Img 3297Web

Somebody got loose and was eating the roses! haha!

Img 3282Web

Berry picking at last. Simon got three into his bucket before he ate them all and then started eating the berries in my bucket.

Img 3311Web

Then we got distracted by the cherry trees! gorgeous rows and rows of cherry trees.

Img 3316Web

eating along the way, Xander? hehe

Img 3319Web

Img 3326Web

Img 3325Web

Our bounty cost us $3.75 but the experience was worth it!

photo session with the kids today

I have put the photography biz on hold for some time now and shooting for myself is such a pleasure! I think it helped me grow and RELAX. I have been totally out of the photographer’s loop and come to realize I don’t care about the latest style or photo treatment.

I don’t care about coordinating outfits, posed perfection or the perfect rule of thirds. I don’t need popped colors or fancy angles. I threw my expensive grey card in the garbage (did you know those things actually go bad??) and have not purchased another.

We had a fun day! I got a kick out of Xander. He stiffens up and looks uncomfortable when I try to take pics of just him but when he has Isaac by his side his natural, cuddly self shines. They have such an amazing bond.

Simon is just a blur…so not too much of him today.

Dsc 0004Web-8

Dsc 0021Web

Dsc 0061Web

Dsc 0067Web

Dsc 0084Web

(xander’s “five” portrait I’ll be printing big for the living room. yay!)

Dsc 0081Web

Dsc 0085Web

Father’s day panic

I freaked out on Saturday thinking it was Father’s day that Sunday (a week early). So when I got home from work and Jason mentioned wanting some more snack foods in the house during my work weekend I jumped up and loaded the kids into the car, thinking it was a good excuse to sneak out and help the kids pick out cards for dad.

A couple calls on the cell phone and it was confirmed that it was not Father’s day yet but we had fun raiding the store for junk food and cards that…

“are a surprise that is in the car right now, but we will be hiding it somewhere different when mommy gets home from work.”

That quote is not from the 5 year old as you’d expect but from the 8 year old. Isaac blabbed already. jeesh! His excitement over the cards may have created some misconceptions on Jason’s part so I made sure to let him know there is not a flat screen TV or a new iMac in the car…just cards.

Img 3257Web

Img 3256Web

and a bonus pic: “We made new beds. Can we sleep here tonight?”


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