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More fun, this time with illustrations

Our little niece Noa turns one and I did take the camera to the party today. Water balloons a second day in a row. How cool is that? So cool the kids made me buy some at the grocery store afterward.

Birthday girl

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My mama

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Look at my people…my peeps. My parents in the back/left, sister in law Aundi helping my boys with water guns and My brother Casey with his head cut out. Oh and my hottie hubby eating in the very back.

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Noa with two of her birthday presents. It was hot out today. She looks like she’s wilting. 😉

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..for me. My little camera is missing and I don’t want to lug the big DSLR with a zillion lenses around.

We had a fabulous day at our friend Tanya and Craig’s most awesome Christmas tree farm property. Hiking, sweating and falling on my flabby back side into the mud. Stumbling across a dead mole on the trail, Craig eating ants like Bear from Man Vs Wild…not even chocolate covered! Throwing rocks into the creek and a gorgeous view of finch swarming their bird feeders.

And not a single picture taken. You’ll have to use your imagination.

Then tonight we had fun playing Mario cart, eating pizza, throwing water balloons and bobbing for apples at our friends Kristin and Dan’s home. You’d think it was a birthday party, but no…this is just how awesome our life is on an average saturday night. Jealous? lol

And once again…not a single picture taken.

So, new camera purchase. What kind should I get?


haven’t been as posty. We’re still alive. My goofy boys waiting for their “biggest pancake ever.” Xander is still interested in recipes and printed off this pancake one. I followed the recipe exactly and the batter came out so runny it had to be the biggest pancake ever. haha!

and simon still spilling every beverage he gets. So this pic is Bergeman life uncensored;)

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woohoooo! lots to be excited about.

My little Isaac is turning 8 very soon! This last year has been so amazing. His personality, his sense of humor, his vocabulary, his conversation. He’s really growing up.

Today was a fabulous mother’s day, just being together (like every day) and the kids woke me up in the morning with a card, coffee and donuts. Way to go Jason!

I feel so blessed every day to have such a wonderful family and TIME. So much time. Time to do whatever we want. We are excited to have the Life is Good unschooling conference coming up in two weeks and will get to spend four fabulous days with lots of other families living this dream life.


more this and that

A gorgeous day out and perfect time to set up the new (to us;) patio set. Last summer was all about building the deck and this summer will be all about enjoying it!

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Here’s me and Jason in our new office. We got a his and hers desk from Ikea and I got a new iMac. I guess Mother’s Day came early…and it is flippin’ sweet!!!!! 24″ of beautiful screen and no more of that awful freezing up my old computer was doing.

Jason and I with our super geeky headphones to talk to friends online:)


Needs some decor but here’s the start (and probably the finish with the way we get around to things). lol

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