Bad mom…no suntan lotion at the beach camping.

It was beautifully sunny but the coastal winds were nippy. We slacked on the sun tan lotion and my nose is blistered and weeping. ick! I was worried about a face covered with sun spots but my mom had to bring out the skin cancer scare. nooooooo!


We had a blast with friends on the beach. Campfire cooking, relaxing in the fold out chairs and watching the kids hang from the trees.

I’m not sure if its the sunburn or if I’m finally catching what everyone else had post-conference but general headache/malaise is going on. I made it easy and uploaded all the pics to Jason’s old flickr account for your viewing pleasure. We camped with our friends Dan and Kristin and their three kids and our friend Sheri and her son.


4 Responses to “Bad mom…no suntan lotion at the beach camping.”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Jealous! 🙂 Hey, when you camp, do you all pile in one tent or split into two? We are trying to decide what the best configuration would be….

  2. Zoe Says:

    Definitely one tent for us. 🙂

  3. Barbra Says:

    We both burn pretty easily. Remember our boiling, bubbling skin in Florida, and our red butts the day before Caryn’s wedding. My mom was pissed about the latter.
    Camping looked fun. That area of the coast is so beautiful and quiet.I can’t wait to get some camping in later this summer. We may look into getting a small tent to use for hiking, instead of the pop-up, four person sleeper that we have.

  4. sue ingram Says:

    If your Mom brought out the skin cancer scare, did she perhaps delve into any detail about how best to counter skin cancer? Although we have been scared off the sun by many years of skin cancer stories, the sun is nowadays being celebrated as a wonderful health providing source for all of us humans on this earth.
    Similar to a plant photo-synthesizing, we humans use the sun’s UVB rays to create vitamin D in our skin. Vitamin D is being researched continually as a sort of new wonder health “drug”. It is free from the sun as it is obtainable by everyone with access to the sun’s rays. It is also available at very low cost as a supplement and the health benefits are increasing the more we get to learn about it’s qualities!
    However, it is important not to let yourself get sun burnt! ie. manage your time in the sun without getting burnt, or use a quality natural sunscreen, preferably with added organic ingredients.

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