Literally. My mom wanted me to come take some pics of her two houses she recently had painted while flowers are in bloom.

Her gorgeous 1890’s farm house, known as the “Boscow House” of Hillsboro. It also has a small apartment attached added on in the….50s? or was it 70s? Jason and I lived in it with baby Isaac while we saved for our first house. Some lucky renters because my mom is a very cheap landlady:)

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And my parents home they live in (right next-door to the farm house).

Dsc 0045Web

Dsc 0020Web-1

Can you see why they call this cat “Bat Cat?” He has the bat symbol on both sides. He is the sweetest cat too.

Dsc 0043Web

Our first home we bought as a family of three. We still own and rent out. A cozy one level with AIR CONDITIONING we left behind:( I miss you sweet central air that made summers so chill.

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And our rockin’ 70s split we currently live in. No AC so the upstairs where we spend all our time is hot hot hot right now and not in a good way. But it’s home:)

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  1. Omi Says:

    You should get some sweet pics of my house!!! I’m forgetting what it looks like already ; (

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