Day four at LIG

Its been a wonderful weekend. Simon is actually sleeping *really* well and you’d think I would be relishing in all the snooze time but I’m having a hard time with the hotel beds. This morning I woke up early and talked Isaac into sneaking off to breakfast at the hotel restaurant with me.

It was so nice! Lovely big windows overlooking the river and just me and my isaac. Both of my big boys have the best sense of humor. we enjoy humor and relaxing conversations. One of the inherent benefits of living the unschooling life and relinquishing that idea that we must control our children’s every move…is that we really know our kids. We share genuine conversations and we enjoy each other’s company.

That said…I think we would enjoy each other’s company a little more with two rooms next year. haha! Two queens seems to be a little tight for us all for the first time. Our little family is growing up. <sigh>

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