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Bad mom…no suntan lotion at the beach camping.

It was beautifully sunny but the coastal winds were nippy. We slacked on the sun tan lotion and my nose is blistered and weeping. ick! I was worried about a face covered with sun spots but my mom had to bring out the skin cancer scare. nooooooo!


We had a blast with friends on the beach. Campfire cooking, relaxing in the fold out chairs and watching the kids hang from the trees.

I’m not sure if its the sunburn or if I’m finally catching what everyone else had post-conference but general headache/malaise is going on. I made it easy and uploaded all the pics to Jason’s old flickr account for your viewing pleasure. We camped with our friends Dan and Kristin and their three kids and our friend Sheri and her son.


Last weekend’s adventure was not enough…

After an exhausting Life Is Good long weekend we are loading the car again for camping at the beach. I did take off every weekend this month so we are making the most of it I guess.

It feels like we should be camping for a week, and not just the two nights, to justify all this packing.

Img 3109Web

Still need to load the clothes and the dog…and the kids.

Img 3111Web


Literally. My mom wanted me to come take some pics of her two houses she recently had painted while flowers are in bloom.

Her gorgeous 1890’s farm house, known as the “Boscow House” of Hillsboro. It also has a small apartment attached added on in the….50s? or was it 70s? Jason and I lived in it with baby Isaac while we saved for our first house. Some lucky renters because my mom is a very cheap landlady:)

Dsc 0014 5X7Web

Dsc 0007Web-4

Dsc 0010Web-2

And my parents home they live in (right next-door to the farm house).

Dsc 0045Web

Dsc 0020Web-1

Can you see why they call this cat “Bat Cat?” He has the bat symbol on both sides. He is the sweetest cat too.

Dsc 0043Web

Our first home we bought as a family of three. We still own and rent out. A cozy one level with AIR CONDITIONING we left behind:( I miss you sweet central air that made summers so chill.

Dsc 0047Web

And our rockin’ 70s split we currently live in. No AC so the upstairs where we spend all our time is hot hot hot right now and not in a good way. But it’s home:)

Dsc 0051Web

play-doh fun

pep talks, play-doh, out to lunch and closing remarks and we are winding down the final day of Life Is Good ’09.

The hotel management says that when we all come it’s more like a family reunion than a “conference” and the loving, happy vibe is incredible. That’s exactly how it feels and the kids have such a wonderful time.

The barefoot boogie tonight and then another year of the kids asking how long before the next conference.

Img 3106

Img 3108

Day four at LIG

Its been a wonderful weekend. Simon is actually sleeping *really* well and you’d think I would be relishing in all the snooze time but I’m having a hard time with the hotel beds. This morning I woke up early and talked Isaac into sneaking off to breakfast at the hotel restaurant with me.

It was so nice! Lovely big windows overlooking the river and just me and my isaac. Both of my big boys have the best sense of humor. we enjoy humor and relaxing conversations. One of the inherent benefits of living the unschooling life and relinquishing that idea that we must control our children’s every move…is that we really know our kids. We share genuine conversations and we enjoy each other’s company.

That said…I think we would enjoy each other’s company a little more with two rooms next year. haha! Two queens seems to be a little tight for us all for the first time. Our little family is growing up. <sigh>

Img 3100

Img 3102

Img 3103

Img 3104

Start of day three at LIG

Loving the weather and the gorgeous view of the Columbia river.

Img 3080

Farmers Market in Vancouver, short walk from the hotel.

Img 3081

Can three more kids fit in this park?

Img 3082

Apparently so…

Img 3084

Xander cam…

Img 3087

Heading back to the hotel for more swimming for Isaac and computer games for Xander…

Img 3091

The finish of day two at LIG

I was pooped yesterday after having trouble getting to sleep ad then up early for presentations. Isaac played in the pool and then we went to the Amy Steinburg concert. The Vibrations opened for her and they are a blast. Four brothers, unschoolers, who know how to rock!

Img 3064

The Vibrations

Img 3069

The lobby at 11:00 last night.

Img 3076

The start of day two at LIG

I am thinking we need to set up two queen beds in our room at home LOL! Simon actually slept with his brothers and jason and I had the bed to ourselves for a change. This is how they slept…

Img 3056

I listened to two awesome talks: teenage years and NOT restricting foods in kids lives.

Jason took the kids to a World of Warcraft funshop and it was hilarious. A long table of kids playing. Isaac and Xander at one end playing alliance and ALL the rest playing horde. What does that mean?

Img 3058

Img 3059

My kind of Disneyland photo. Me and Simon with a troll hunter and a..crap…forgot the name…one of the dog beasts…Worg?

Img 3063

Annual unschooling conference time!!!! wooohooo!

The Life Is Good unschooling conference in Vancouver, WA is here and we are enjoying our first night in the hotel. The pool is loaded with kids, the hotel is buzzing and we actually know people this year which makes it twice as fun.

Look at all these people living this awesome life just like we are.

Img 3044

Red Robin with friends for dinner…

Img 3050

The cool t-shirts this year.

Img 3055

More fun in the morning. They actually have a world of warcraft funshop jason is taking the kids to while I go hear the speakers. The speakers were very good last year and got me pumped for the rest of the year so I’m looing forward to it.

Isaac’s most fabulous birthday bash

8 years old today and we had a great evening with friends.

Dsc 0004Web-7

Dsc 0010Web-1

Let’s zoom in on that bad boy. I am not for hire folks. This creativity is unleashed only for my lucky family.

Dsc 0008Web-3

Xander stuffing the cake in the background and an angelic Orion face up close.

Dsc 0022Web-3

My three nephs, My mama and sis-in law.

Dsc 0019Web-1

The celebration winding down and Xander falls asleep on Isaac’s shoulder.

Dsc 0025Web