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We spent our weekend reorganizing the house…whew! We originally had all our computers nestled into corners of the main living area. We now have an office! Its more like a computer lab with four of them in one small room but its organized and cozy!

And its nice to have them out of sight in the rest of the house.

We also reorganized the kids room to reconnect the bunk beds and have Simon’s bed in with his brothers, ready for him when he is. I tried to lay him in it when he was falling asleep tonight and he would have nothing to do with it. haha! Oh well…he’s still in with mom and dad until he’s ready but its nice to have everything set up.

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I got my good friend Sheri playing World of Warcraft with us! Its been so much fun. We started a new guild that will hopefully grow with local friends. We’re uber geeks now playing our video game together and gabbing on our headsets.


We cruise around the world completing quests to level our characters. At level 30 we got these horses so we can get around faster now. Since we did the referral program when Sheri signed up we have been leveling so fast!


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