Day trip to Astoria

My plan was to hit a couple sites and then play on the beach but the blistery rain and wind made beach play quite unpleasant. The true Oregonians that we are did give it a good 15-20 minutes.

We went through the Columbia River Maritime Museum

Dsc 0011Web-5

Dsc 0023Web

Dsc 0015Web-1

Dsc 0029Web

The real fun was going on a boat and getting to see everything below deck.

Dsc 0037Web-1

The hallway with the private bunks…

Dsc 0035Web

and the little bunks crammed together…

Dsc 0036Web-1

I really wanted to take them to the top of the Astoria Column but when we drove up to it the door was blocked off:( As Isaac put it, “why would anyone come to this column if they can’t climb up it?”

Dsc 0038Web-1

The kids favorite stop was the Battery Russell; climbing up and down stairways and exploring the dark rooms within the huge concrete structure. Isaac said “this is the best day of my life!” So that’s two thumbs up for the Battery Russell.

Best pic I could snag off the net…my camera battery died early on in our day:(


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