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We spent our weekend reorganizing the house…whew! We originally had all our computers nestled into corners of the main living area. We now have an office! Its more like a computer lab with four of them in one small room but its organized and cozy!

And its nice to have them out of sight in the rest of the house.

We also reorganized the kids room to reconnect the bunk beds and have Simon’s bed in with his brothers, ready for him when he is. I tried to lay him in it when he was falling asleep tonight and he would have nothing to do with it. haha! Oh well…he’s still in with mom and dad until he’s ready but its nice to have everything set up.

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I got my good friend Sheri playing World of Warcraft with us! Its been so much fun. We started a new guild that will hopefully grow with local friends. We’re uber geeks now playing our video game together and gabbing on our headsets.


We cruise around the world completing quests to level our characters. At level 30 we got these horses so we can get around faster now. Since we did the referral program when Sheri signed up we have been leveling so fast!


Xander mug

Working on Xander’s mugshot for my 5 year series. Xander takes this *very* seriously. lol I’m having so much trouble getting a good black and white conversion I’m considering a splash of color in the series. hmm.

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We laughed that this face was saying “I’m going to kill you!”

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The parents got a hall pass today

My awesome friend Sheri and her wonderful son RJ came over to play while sexypants and I went to the movies. We enjoyed the rare date and came home to happy kids and these gorgeous dyed Easter eggs.

We’ll have to have Sheri babysit again on Christmas eve and instead of food coloring and vinegar, I’ll leave the wrapping paper and tape on the counter;) haha!

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ooh ooh, Sheri took pics of the egg dying festivities. They had a great time and RJ is such a sweetie, he gave the boys hugs goodbye. I love him!

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Me and a few of my friends

gonna have to click it bigger to see how extremely adorable I am down in front. I hit 80, the max level, and now its all about running raids to pick up cool gear to make myself tougher.

The shadowy hottie behind me is Jason. We met “Zayzie” in Seattle and a lot of the other people in our guild are all a family from Hawaii. I’m hoping to get an invite to come visit. haha!


Day trip to Astoria

My plan was to hit a couple sites and then play on the beach but the blistery rain and wind made beach play quite unpleasant. The true Oregonians that we are did give it a good 15-20 minutes.

We went through the Columbia River Maritime Museum

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The real fun was going on a boat and getting to see everything below deck.

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The hallway with the private bunks…

Dsc 0035Web

and the little bunks crammed together…

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I really wanted to take them to the top of the Astoria Column but when we drove up to it the door was blocked off:( As Isaac put it, “why would anyone come to this column if they can’t climb up it?”

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The kids favorite stop was the Battery Russell; climbing up and down stairways and exploring the dark rooms within the huge concrete structure. Isaac said “this is the best day of my life!” So that’s two thumbs up for the Battery Russell.

Best pic I could snag off the net…my camera battery died early on in our day:(


before the camera broke

The kids get to use my “old” D70 to practice taking pics with and Isaac has been great with it for a long time. Tonight I showed Xander how to use it and gave them an assignment to each take a pic for me to replace the tired art in the bathroom.

A few shots taken, a few turns taken, a little fighting over whose turn and a short while later we have a camera with a busted flash and an inability to focus. 🙁

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