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Last night Isaac and Xander went with me to see Oliver, presented by the very talented kids at Forest Grove High School. A great show if you’re looking for something fun to do!

I love the exposure to new vocabulary words the kids get. They pick up on the funniest things and whisper me for definitions “what does consider yourself mean?” or “pick-a-pocket-or-two.” It went a little long for Xander but he was a trooper and let us stay to the finish.

Jason sometimes makes a donut run in the morning before work on Fridays. I woke up to donuts and a coffee waiting. Isn’t he the best?!

Xander with his young apprentice…simon has to be right on top of him, doing exactly what he is doing.

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Just chillin’ with the family

Gorgeous evening sun shining in while we relax with Jason after he finished up work today. Xander wanted to snap some pics…

Simon nursing..always always…and Jason leveling his character on Warcraft….always always. haha!

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I offered Isaac a new DS game if he let me pull out his loose tooth. It was one of the top two and was pointing sidways (!!!) with the new one half in behind it. His poor gums looked stretched and swollen. He went for the deal and I yanked that sucker with some pliers.

His gums already look like things are working themselves out in there and here he is working through his new game. (xander cam)

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We decided to have a smile contest. Simon (somewhere behind that hair) can you smile?

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Typical Xander pose when he’s feeling a little sheepish:

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“Make sure you get the picture without my eyes blinking.”

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…after showing him the above pic:

ps…xander can touch his nose with his tongue and if he really works it he can get his tongue into his nose. I guess I’m the genetic carrier of this most awesome talent, that lies tragically dormant in me, because my sister can do this too.

Its so not fair…my sister got the height, the great hair and the cool tongue trick. At least Xander has it:)

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Simon’s birthday party

After a full day of preparations..ta da! Here we have everything ready for Simon’s big bash. Nothing but the finest china for my baby.

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My parents called and joined in the birthday song. (thought they were just calling to sing the their own birthday song? surprise! you were part of the party!)

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Isn’t he beautiful? I love him.

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Gift opening time…

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mmmmmmmm! Simon was too busy playing with his new toys to eat any cake.

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but Xander gives it two thumbs up!

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Happy birthday to the coolest two year old

Today Simon is two! He is the master climber, big brother chaser, toy thrower, basket dumper, fetcher and snuggler.

His climbing is the most impressive though. He scales things at the park I would never dream a baby this little would be able to do. I stand close but far enough to let him feel my faith in his confidence.

He is one cool kid!

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He’s always climbing up here. It makes it difficult to use the computer.

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life is good

Occasionally the unschooling topic will come up through conversations at work. People are always concerned how kids are going to get the full tutelage on various subjects depending on what’s important in their own mind: long division, trigonometry, History, Texas government (??), essays.

They usually cower their heads, feeling guilty (me included) when I ask if they remember all those subjects. We know what we need to know, we know what we are interested to know…and these things we know well!

Without any prompting the kids are finding a need to read, write, use math. They are also finding a desire to learn about cooking, biology, science and more.

Learning is fun and completely child directed. Also their basic needs are completely child directed too!

They eat when they want, as much as they want. Bedtime and waketime is always a pleasure. They love to snuggle into their cozy beds when they feel tired and sleep as long as they need to wake up feeling refreshed.

****Stay tuned for the next editions: Xander cooking at midnight, short-order cook for sensitive palates, child-lead learning leads to a very messy house, parents trying to sleep over the noise of kids still awake in their rooms and more! yay!*******

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Hazardous to your health

The danger is really off camera, in that he is sitting at my computer. He somehow changes my homepage and opens a gazzilion windows…downloads a file or two.

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oooh! fun new purchase


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I’ve gone from one (small) usable burner to so many choices!

Cultural art center in town

They celebrated their 5th year and had some food, music and artists on hand to demonstrate their trade. It was nice to see all works in progress and then all the completed projects. The kids stuff was amazing!

One lady cracked me up because she was demonstrating her felted creatures she makes that all you need is wool yarn, a needle and a large sponge. It seemed like fun and she said she teaches a class…but….kids need to be at least 13 to take the class because of the needle. haha! 13? This felting is some dangerous shit and not to be taken lightly!

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I like the shifty eyes here. thinking about felting? he’s so naughty.

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hostess with the mostess

Don’t ya love having company over and the motivation to straighten up the house? I love it! and I think at times I require that motivation.

Simon helped me wipe down the bathroom counter…

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And that back bedroom with all the clothes lying in piles? Just close the door, right? haha! Xander announced his Wow Wow Wubsy movie I uploaded to our netflix through the xbox and they all went down to start it up.

I love how they all piled on the bed:) The sweetest bunch of kids ever!

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