Lady Gaga who who?

What kind of friend shares their Lady Gaga tickets with you? A good one! hahahaha!

Barbie techno is not my usual groove but it was an entertaining show. She knows how to play the showgirl and the drag queens love her! I got a kick out of the 6 foot tall look-a-likes in the audience.

It’s late, I feel old. Next time I’ll have to have Jessica along for one of my picks. It will be chill and we will sit in the back.

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3 Responses to “Lady Gaga who who?”

  1. Barbra Says:

    What is Lady Gaga? When and where does it take place? I am very interested.

  2. Omi Says:

    You are old!! I love lady ga ga! I love “poker face” that ones on my phone ; ) I wish I could have gone. The next show there that I want to see is the ting tings!

  3. stephanies Says:

    I love her “Poker face” song too!! Lucky you, you old fart! 😀

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