life is good

Occasionally the unschooling topic will come up through conversations at work. People are always concerned how kids are going to get the full tutelage on various subjects depending on what’s important in their own mind: long division, trigonometry, History, Texas government (??), essays.

They usually cower their heads, feeling guilty (me included) when I ask if they remember all those subjects. We know what we need to know, we know what we are interested to know…and these things we know well!

Without any prompting the kids are finding a need to read, write, use math. They are also finding a desire to learn about cooking, biology, science and more.

Learning is fun and completely child directed. Also their basic needs are completely child directed too!

They eat when they want, as much as they want. Bedtime and waketime is always a pleasure. They love to snuggle into their cozy beds when they feel tired and sleep as long as they need to wake up feeling refreshed.

****Stay tuned for the next editions: Xander cooking at midnight, short-order cook for sensitive palates, child-lead learning leads to a very messy house, parents trying to sleep over the noise of kids still awake in their rooms and more! yay!*******

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  1. Aundi Says:

    So when are we going to hang out again??? Are you all healthy yet??? Talk to you soon!

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