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The red power Ranger Orion and his little shadow, Ironman Simon.

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last day…

I survived a week without my hubby and he’s on his way home. yay!

Aundi reads Spongebob to the kids and they laugh after every line. We love Spongebob. And look at my little Noa niece pulling herself up now.

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The weather is getting so nice and simon is big enough to go in the backyard anytime he wants. Project backyard cleanup is going to be in full force now. The new deck needs some stain and a cozy patio set.

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Fabulous afternoon!

Seriously cool friends. Can you believe none of these kids will know what it’s like to have their time and learning organized/limited through school? I’m just getting to know more unschooling families in my area and its so nice to sit back and socialize and watch our kids play together in the middle of a Thursday afternoon.


A lot of these kids aren’t even close to school age and their cool parents have already decided to take the life learning path. I’m always amazed by that since I didn’t have a clue until scrambling to figure out what to do with Isaac when he was 5.

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Simon’s battle wound. The steri strips lasted about five minutes. Now he has a nice little red crescent shape on his forehead.

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home alone

well sorta…

Jason had to take a business trip and I’m wrangling the household. The boys all snuggled together on the couch. A nice change from the crying that was going on just a short time earlier.. Oy!

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Lady Gaga who who?

What kind of friend shares their Lady Gaga tickets with you? A good one! hahahaha!

Barbie techno is not my usual groove but it was an entertaining show. She knows how to play the showgirl and the drag queens love her! I got a kick out of the 6 foot tall look-a-likes in the audience.

It’s late, I feel old. Next time I’ll have to have Jessica along for one of my picks. It will be chill and we will sit in the back.

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St. Paddy’s day recipe

Whipped up some green milkshakes. Pea soup for dinner! haha!

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Lots of simon

My friend Lisa took some super adorable pics of simon and us at the party…I *need* to get some pics of her baby girl before she starts crawling away.

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Act 1, Scene 2

Simon was crying when I took the camera away. I wanted to let him keep taking pictures but he was trying to shove the lens back in and it has slammed to the floor a couple times already. I loved this progression as I tried to distract him back to happiness:

real crying…

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I showed him the pic and asked if he could show me some crying again for another pic. some fake crying…

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ooooh! He’s good at this…

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Now how about a happy face? he’s good at that too…

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…and he’s off playing again.

long day

We had a fun time at a birthday party today. When Xander had some time to sit and reflect he would work himself into a emotional turmoil over his wish to go back to Pump It Up or see if Chuck E Cheese is in fact as cool as the commercials make it out to seem.

It is true we have been to OOTW a lot recently because it is so conveniently close.

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The birthday girl, Sophia in her dad’s special anti-squirm-to-the-ground hold. One of my favorite grandmas in the background;)

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so…..after a great time at the birthday party with good friends, we drove to Chuck E Cheese. Anything to make my baby happy, right? Xander’s curiosity is satiated.

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Isaac plays my favorite game Hydrothunder. Maybe some day he’ll be able to beat me. haha!

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Love this!

Us unschooling parents love to hear from grown unschoolers. They seem to really cherish their childhood, maintain close relationships with their family and continue to enjoy life and learning into adulthood.

It’s hard to imagine how it could turn out any other way with as much time, love and fun we share together every day. But, As much as I hate to admit it…going against the grain can feel heavy at times with feeling the need to defend our choices or showcase every new skill the kids learn as proof we’re keeping up with the Joneses.

Seeing clips like this one are such a breath of fresh air. It reminds me to relax! The kids will do fine. The kids will be happy. The kids will be passionate about doing whatever they choose to do in life.