I’ve posted this before…anytime I think of kid crafts it seems like work. Too many required crafts in grade school and teachers telling me how to do it differently so I can do it the “right ” way…

Never-the-less, the kids have a rolling set of drawers that house all sorts of crafty supplies and they can grab whatever their hearts desire at any time.

It does amaze me what they will organize and complete. Xander saw this rain stick craft on tv and here he is with his completed rain stick…

Dsc 0001Rainweb

Simon also enjoys all access to the art supplies…haha!

Dsc 0003Craftweb

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  1. Lisa Says:

    Hey Orion has that same OGA shirt in red even. This is inspiring to me. Wish I was this brave… Orion has this stim seeking thing that seems to trigger him to dump things, and craft supplies are a big one LOL. Last year at LIG in the popsicle puzzle funshop he started grabbing sticks and throwing them in the air! So really I am just lazy and don’t want to clean things up, but I really want to get better about having craft supplies out!

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